T E R I   D I A M O N D


Basil is a bountiful herb that we all love. Here are a few ideas of how to enjoy this flavorful ingredient.
From In Teri’s Kitchen, it is the centerpiece of my pesto recipe found on page 90.  You can use the pesto in my recipe with bow tie pasta which is delicious and can be found on the same page.
 I also chop cherry tomatoes and combine with the pesto for a topping for roasting wild salmon.
My basil spread, page 22, is a family favorite and is used for the bruschetta. It is great as a dipping sauce for artichokes or other vegetables. It is an amazing spread for a turkey sandwich, salmon burgers or even a veggie sandwich!
Extra pesto can be put in ice cube trays and freeze to thaw out and enjoy in the winter. Be sure and cover with plastic wrap or place tray in a large zip lock bag.
Hope you enjoy!