T E R I   D I A M O N D

So Many Chocolates, So Little Time!

It's more about the maker than the type of chocolate. For years, I didn't like dark chocolate as I felt it was more bitter, rather than the dreamy melt in your mouth feeling you get with milk or white chocolate. But then, something happened to change that. I tasted dark chocolate from a real chocolatier. Not from a store that buys blocks of chocolate and melts it down to put in molds of bears, hearts and whatever the holiday dictates, but from someone who grinds the cacao beans and plays with the formula to delight your senses...a true artisan. Wow.
It's interesting that my friends who are into dark chocolate seem to have disdain for milk chocolate. I don't get it. It is like they are offended, if when they go to a hotel, a milk chocolate is placed on their pillow. Although I enjoy dark chocolate now, I would not turn down a good milk one.
That brings us to white chocolate. Many of the white chocolate items that you see in the store are not really white chocolate at all.  If you look closer at the packaging you will see that it says white confection, which may look like white chocolate, but no where close to the taste of white chocolate. White chocolate has an almost buttery taste and it's a very festive chocolate. An almond tart with white chocolate drizzled on top is irresistible and have you tried a white chocolate creme brûlée?!
For me, it's a win win. All three types of chocolate make my taste buds smile.
Here's to 2017 filled with many delicious pleasures.
Hot chocolate anyone?